Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Orion London Spring/Summer 2008 Trend

Ready for some ROMANCE in your life?!

Come a warmer spring season, come the light feminine chiffon dresses! Capture that breath of fresh air and lighthearted feeling, which adds a spring to your steps with our wonderfully sheer dresses. Capture that youth in you with the cute dress we have in store at Orion London.

Be in full bloom for spring!

Spring is the season of new beginnings and celebration of life, so e
xpect those floral designs to be in full bloom in the spring/summer trend of 2008. What flower are you? A wild flower in all its natural beauty in bright colours? Or the cultured flower from the orient with an exotic touch?

Be a STAR!

Hop onto the fashion train and join the craze for star and bow tie prints. Star and bow ties reminds you of the time when you were younger and still skipping in the playground, now lets transport that youth into the world of high fashion!

Pure London, Pure Fashion!!

Orion London exhibited the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection at Pure London’s trade show, which ran for three days on the 10th-12th February 2008. The exhibition was held at one of the most premier venue, Olympia London.
The category that Orion London was exhibiting under was “Spirit”. This category if full of unique designs that brings something fresh and new to the London fashion world which Orion London plays a part in. Orion London captured the “Spirit” of the spring trend, which will keep you at the top of the fashion game.